Hello! I am Ziqi Xie!

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics (Expected May 2020)
Fields: Public Economics/Coporate Finance

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My current research focuses on public economics and corporate finance. I use empirical methods to conduct panel/time series data analysis and perform economic policy/program evaluation. At this moment, I am interested in combining machine learning algorithm with causal inference, especially in the matching process.

I am open for interviews.


During my graduate study at Tulane University, I cultivate my interest in applying econometrics methods in policy/program evaluation. My primary research fields are public economics and corporate finance. Specifically, I study the dividend tax policy changes in China, and the Chinese Value Added Tax reform. Besides, I also researched the field of health economics.

Professional Activities:
2019 Chinese Economist Society North America Meeting;
2019 American Economic Association Annual Meeting;
2018 National Tax Association Annual Meeting
2019 Financial Management Association Annual Meeting;
2019 Chinese Economist Society North America Meeting
2019 Financial Management Association Annual Meeting



Teaching is an essential part of the learning process. In the academic environment and within the business development sphere, teaching activities have become more and more vital. Beyond delivering knowledge, it combines a variety of aspects, including communication, encouragement, etc. I value teaching as a process to express and exchange ideas by using cutting-edge methods.

As Teaching Assitant(Tulane University):
ECON-1010, Intro to Microeconomics;
ECON-1020, Intro to Macroeconomics;
ECON-3230, Intro to Econometrics (Stata Lab);
ECON-3320, Urban Economics;
ECON-3340, Government and the Economy;
ECON-3810, Labor Economics;
ECON-4230, Econometrics;
ECON-4540, Public Finance and Public Policy;
ECON-6230, Econometrics;
ECON-6540, Public Finance and Public Policy


Laura Bassi Scholarship Partial Award (2019)
China Economist Society Travel Support (2019)

School of Liberal Arts Summer Merit Dissertation Fellowship Award (2019)
J.E. Land Fund for Graduate Education (2019)
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Travel Award (2018, 2019)
Economics Research Funding (2015)
Fellowship & Teaching Assistantship & Full Tuition (2015-2020)
Northeastern U:
Omicron Delta Epsilon (O∆E) Economic Honor Society (2013)


Basketball (Small Forward, Tulane Intramural 2015-2016);

14th Fédération internationale de natation World Championships (2011);
World Expo 2010 (Bureau International des Expositions)